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I have now improved both models with the addition of rail connectors.

connector bolt side assembled with rail connectors


For several years now I have been developing and making small Magnetic loop antennas.

If you:

Live in an Apartment?

No Garden for antennas?

Operate SOTA?

Operate from a caravan?

Travel a lot Etc


Then my range of Magloop Portable Antennas might just be the solution you have been waiting for

I have 2 models that cover 40m through 10 meters  

The  model ML40MK11 Manual Tuned.


The ML40 MK11 Remote Tune 

 Both will hand 100 watts SSB, 50 watts CW and 35 watts data modes


  A major feature of my Magloop antennas is the ability to work the whole band without retuning. 

 Just tune for maximum noise in the middle of the band, tweak for best SWR.

You can work the whole band with a 1.5:1 SWR or better without retuning

 Both Models tune 40m through 15m with 10 Rails

(use 7 rails and you can tune 12m and 10m)

The Remote Tune Model uses a 3000 to 1 reduction drive motor for tuning 

The remote tune control requires a DC input between 6 volts to a maximum of 12 volts. .


The Remote Tuned Antenna Kit as supplied (now plus rail connectors)

Remote Tune Ant Kit


             The Maual Tune Model as supplied (now plus rail connectors)                   


 Manual tune 2






Manual Tune Model Instructions 

RemoteTune Model instructions

MKII PW Review June 2011

PW Review 2008



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