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PW has done a new review of my 2 models of antennas. click here to see the review

Please note: Due to supplier discontinuing the Orange boxes all models are now BLACK. (I will change pictures when I get more time)

 The New Remote Tune ML40HP mk11 Antenna (now Black)

Assembled antennaAntenna kit as supplied

The Remote Tuned antenna assembled                             The antenna kit as supplied
This new antenna will allow you to locate the antenna in a roof space or a distance from your operating position. The antenna has a 3000 to 1 geared motor control and uses a remote tuning unit that is connected by a coax cable (with BNC connectors) The antenna control can be powered by a 6 to 12 volt PSU or a battery. (A universal 7.5 VDC PSU is available as an optional extra)

 to download a copy of the Remote tune Magloop assembly instructions click here

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 ML40 Mk 2 (Manual tune)

  • Tunes all bands from 40m through 15meters,
  • Will hand 100 watts (50 w CW, 35 watts Datamodes)
  • Consists of 10 rails, a tune and a Load unit
  • Covers 12m and 10m with 7 rails

ML40 HP Mk 2 assembled (set-up for test results)
SAssembled ML40 Mk 2

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The following Pictures show the tune, load and the easy assembly

The Load unit (note BNC plug and see below FL-3)
ML40 HP load unit

ML40Mk11 Manual Tune unit (now Black)
ML-HP Tune

ML40Mk11items supplied in the Kit
ML40HP supplied kit

Rail assembly (washer between rails)
Washer position

All G4TPH Magloop Antennas are fed with a BNC socket


 FL-3 Fly lead

FL-3 Flylead

The FL-3 flyLead is 3 metres long and has a BNC plug on one end and a PL259 on the other end. 
All of my antennas have a BNC socket. 
The FL-3 Flylead saves using an adapter or making up you own flylead  Buy Now 

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