G4TPH Products


 All models now available 

 There is one major change 

 I will not be providing the rail connectors as part of the supplied kit. 

 Prices have been adjusted accordingly 

   chances are you or a friend will be able to 3D print the connectors for you


Details of the rail connectors can be found here.


  The G4TPH range of Magloop antennas consist of

A Manual Tune model


A Remote Tune model as listed below 

The Manual Tune Antenna Kit as supplied 

Manual tune 2

ML40 Mk 2 (Manual tune)
Tunes all bands from 40m through 15meters,
Will hand 100 watts (50 w CW, 35 watts Datamodes)
Consists of 10 rails, a tune and a Load unit
Covers 12m and 10m with 7 rails
See SWR Chart
The Remote Tune ML40HP mk11 Antenna

Remote Tune Ant Kit 

Same specification as above but has 3000 to 1 Reduction DC motor for remote tuning

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